5 Coolest Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a supplement which can do many great things for you and your body. It is commonly used as a libido enhancer for men and women. Additionally, it can be incorporated into post cylce therapy after using any kind of testosterone booster. Tribulus naturally balances out hormone levels in the body, which is the reason it is used as part of post cycle therapy. Try it along with inhibit-E and milk thistle capsules for part of a solid post cycle regiment.tribjar1

Here are the 5 Coolest Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris:
1) The active ingredient in tribulus terrestris extract is PROTODIOSCIN, which is a natural precursor to the human sex hormone, testosterone.

2) Several universities have done studies linking tribulus supplementation to balanced hormone levels in the body.

3) Studies have shown that tribulus terrestris can boost your circulatory system which will help your body pump important oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

4) Tribulus may boost production of leutenizing hormone which is a regulator of testosterone, as well as one of many testosterone stimulators.

5) Supplementation with tribulus can help fight impotence, in men and women! Trib helps this by balancing the bodies concentration of hormone levels.

Tribulus terrestris has been used by the Chinese and Indians(Asia) for hundreds of years dating back to ancient times. Even then, the herb was used to treat impotence, improve mood, and increase overall health. Tribulus was mostly unheard of until the late 1980s and early 1990s. Word got out that Eastern European countries had been giving tribulus to their Olympians for quite some time. Then everybody jumped on the herb.

Since tribulus has so many potential health benefits, thousands of people are taking tribulus but for different reasons. Some are taking it to improve their sex drive or simply to balance their hormone levels. Bodybuilders use tribulus to keep testosterone and estrogen levels where they should be after cycling other pro-hormone or similar complexes. With so many benefits, its hard to justify NOT taking tribulus.

Make sure that don’t stay on it more than three months, then take two – four weeks off. This is to keep your body cycling its hormones in a natural flow. I suggest taking 750 – 1250mg a day, have three servings total per day, each one with a decent meal. Try taking it for nine weeks, then go off for three weeks.

I buy GoodNNatural’s Tribulus Terrestris extract 250mg for under 5$ from Lucky Vitamin.

Please leave comments, additional information, or personal experiences with tribulus.


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